Re: Car Builders Cyclopedias

Ian Cranstone

On 5-Dec-05, at 4:05 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

No. The Railroad Gazette published the 1906 volume. I'm not sure
what year Simmons-Boardman took over, but certainly by 1919. As for
searching the Merrilees photos, what I have done is get a list of car
numbers from the NAC collection, then match them up with Cyc or other
sources. If there is some more sophisticated method, maybe someone can
tell us what it is.
I don't think Andrew Merrilees archived his material according to source. Having seen the storage boxes at the National Archives, they seem to be grouped alphabetically by owner (mostly, as there are definitely strays in the boxes).

I should also note that there are a lot more photos in here than a lot of folks realize. The ones that have had copy negatives made have been given PA numbers (which Gay's old website listed, see my website below for a link to the Wayback Machine that archived his site), but the vast majority have never been done. I did get a copy of a more extensive listing that Gay did by owner/car number, which shows a lot of photos that have never been copied.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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