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To paraphrase Will Rogers, "All I know is what I

On page 14 of the TRP soft cover book, "Freight Equipment of
the New York Central Volume 1", there is a picture of a Big
Four steel box car, having a build date of 1922/23, with the
car number prefixed with an S. The caption states the S
indicated the car didn't pay per diem on any part of NYC
System, and no repair billing was paid for any car repairs
performed on the NYC System. Although the picture is
undated, the picture quality and reporting mark format
suggests the picture dates from circa 1930.

Perhaps the authors of the book, Bob Liljestrand (Bob's
Photo ??) and Dave Sweetland, could comment as how this
agrees or disagrees with the previous posts.


Mike Carson

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: I have heard two possible reasons for NYC S- car
: 1- to denote a "System" car which was preferably not
: loaded off NYC Lines,and if it was loaded off line, was
: "at home" at any NYC Lines connection,regardless of the
: initials on the car.
: 2- to denote the repair value of a given car. "S"was
: the highest class,with the others being an "A" under
: the NYC oval trademark and no designation at all
: Most "S" cars were in fact all steel,but not always.I
: pictures of wood side 40' automobile cars and wood
: cars with steel center sills (a"Repair Steel
: both with "S" numbers.
: LR King
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