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Ian Cranstone

On 6-Dec-05, at 10:13 AM, Bob Webber wrote:

OK, the following have been indicated as resources:

Andrew Merrilees
Bob, Andrew Merrilees died in 1979, with much of his material going to the National Archives of Canada (now Library and Archives Canada) in 1983. They have a web site at:

I haven't looked through it much, but suspect that it doesn't really offer much detail on his collection. I do recall that it falls into three major groupings:

1. A collection of published material (books, catalogs, etc.), which was originally held by the National Archives, and transferred to the National Library in 1995 (which led me a merry chase as this was about the point that I started looking for this material).

2. Miscellaneous archival-type material (car ledgers, journals, etc.) which remained held by the Archives. Notable pieces are the Grand Trunk Railway car ledger covering 1854-1895, and the new car acquisition ledger of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway covering 1906 to about 1916.

3. The extensive photo collection, covering all aspects of transportation. As previously noted, there are a lot of builders photos from Canadian railways along with many source photos for Car Builders Cyclopedias. Photos previously acquired have had a copy negative made (PA number), and as I think someone noted, the current practice is probably to scan the original (EC number).

Gay Lepkey at one time had a web site listing the PA numbers available (see my web site below for a link to the WayBack Machine, which will allow it to be viewed), and somewhere around here I have a more extensive listing that Gay prepared of the freight car photos that he located. This second listing is far more extensive as it includes many photos not previously copied.

I don't know how much it will find, but a photo search page exists at:

I also see from the web site that photo reproduction costs have gone up dramatically since I last obtained any -- a 5x7 runs $15.95 and an 8x10 is $19.95 --- but they also offer scan options at $8.95 & $12.85 per image.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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