Re: Challenger GS Gondolas

Eric Mumper <eric.mumper@...>


If you want to use the existing trucks, try Reboxx WS20980. I have
several of the Q imports (waycars, stock cars, ballast cars) and they
all had wheelsets narrow in gauge. When I tried to fix them by
spreading the wheels, the front of the wheel would touch the
sideframe. The Reboxx wheelsets are the right length, have 0.088"
tread widths and are double insulated. I have no problems operating
any of these cars with the original trucks with the new wheels - and
I do not use "DCCproof" turnouts.

Eric Mumper

--- In STMFC@..., Andy Harman <andy10@g...> wrote:

My only two brass freight cars - a pair of Challenger Imports SP
gondolas, almost got ebayed a couple months ago. But I just have a
for drop bottoms, and they are not the same car as the Red Caboose
So I can't bring myself to part with them.

Unfortunately, they have junk trucks (gee, where have I encountered
before on an expensive piece). They have only a few hours running
time on
them, and have begun to short.

Any suggestions for a correct replacement truck? Or something that
is at
least a reasonable stand-in? The trucks are not the same as my RC


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