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Tim and Mike;
The diagram in my 1960 copy indicates that it is for both flats and gons

The rail is laid in rows on top of 4 - 1x3"s the full width of the car.
On flats, the sides are secured by hardwood stakes, extending at least
3" above the top of the load. At least 3 - 2" high tension bands would
be wrapped around the load, with the end ones approx 7' from the ends;
but, alternatively, you could also use hardwood side and top restraints,
bolted through the floor. Each layer was separated by at least 2 strips
of 1 x 3".

The only place the end protection is cited is in use with rail less than
12 ft long, where boards 2 in thick are nailed to the inside of the

That being said, I saw many more loads back when secured according to
the following note at the end, which states, "Material need not be
secured when loaded below the top sides of gondola cars, with end gates
raised and fastened..." They did use dunnage under the load, though.

I have a P&LE USRA gon with this type of loose load (actually small
channel) that I just finished recently. Very cool-looking.

Elden Gatwood

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Mike Brock wrote:

Speaking of gons, does anyone know of a photo anywhere of the inside
of a
gon carrying rail. Richard told me that wood was probably used to
the ends and floor but, before I guess on how they did it, I think
I'll ask
if anyone knows of a photo.

The AAR's March 1, 1942 Loading Rules for Open Top Cars has a diagram of

only Flat Cars carrying Rails - nothing about Gons carrying Rails.

In the Flat diagram, however, the bottom rails were chocked up from the
Flat Car deck by 1x3's laid across the width of the car. The End pieces
were to be located about 3' from the end of the loads with another two
chocks laid across at the furthest point away from the bands, if used,
as practical.

Maybe somebody else has a Loading Rulebook which has a diagram on Gons
carrying Rails. Any such diagram should eliminate the guesswork which
can emanate from interpreting a photo.

Tim Gilbert

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