Oil Dealers

jim peters

Hi Gordon,

I'm home now - as promised here is what I have on file:

Model Railroader Nov 99 pg 104 "CHIEF PETROLEUM - COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO."
Journal Jan 97 - This is the most comprehensive series
pg 32 Build an Oil Dealer Depot,
pg 45 Removable Diorama
pg 47 A Changing Scene - Oil Depots 1931, 46, 56 & 66
Another 4 part series, again in the Journal - April, May, June & July 1996 . . .
The articles are on Scratch Building in Styrene, but guess what they are building . . .
The depot at Waterford, California
The last one I have on file is again the Journal May 97
pg 16 Building a standpipe for unloading Tank Cars
pg 25 the depot at Woodland, California

I'm sure there is a lot more, but this is all I have noted . . . Add this to the list Doug's offering . . .

Hope this all helps

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, B.C.

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