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---Mr. Groff may have some info on this subject from the 1920-1960
era in VA . His book on the rural as possibly can be Buckingham
Branch in C & o days talked a little about the petroleum products
distributor in Dillwyn ,VA.He also did a book on the soapstone
industry and rr and towns in the regions where the author of the
waltons stuff is from. Because of Mr. Groff's book I knew to buy a
pre ww2 built tank car to model the branch circa 1955.

Tyler Turpin

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Try Jeff Wilson's book 'Industries along the tracks' by Kalmbach.
It has a section on the oil industry, oil stuff on the cover. General
info and easy reading.

I have a friend who grew up in Britt, Iowa small town on the
Milwaukee east west main across northern Iowa and M&StL Albert Lea to
Ft Dodge, DM line. He lived there pre WWII. He hung around the tracks
as all good young boys should. As I remember his story the local oil
disb was on the Milw which had one siding with several spots. He
would put a siphon pipe in the car's dome, then start a small pump
that would suck the stuff out of the car into a storage tank. If the
Milw needed to spot a car passed his spot he would have to pull the
siphon pipe so the train crew could move his tank car and spot the
other car, then put his car back and he would have to start all over
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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