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Allen Rueter <allen@...>

Thanks Doug,
I found a map on the CNWHS site.
I was curious about traffic interchange to the Wabash, and whether more
of it occured at Des Moines or Albia.


On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 10:23:22PM -0600, Douglas Harding wrote:
Allen, the thru line for the M&StL was the former Iowa Central line which
came down through Mason City, Marshalltown and Oskaloosa to Albia. At
Oskaloosa the line turned east to Peoria.

The original M&StL line out of Minneapolis/St. Paul came to Albert Lea then
headed towards Fort Dodge. Via various merger the M&StL got to Des Moines
via this line. This line never went any further south, but rather the M&StL
had trackage rights from DM to Albia via the Wabash. Dallas Center and
Minburn were on the DM to Fort Dodge line, between Waukee and Perry. The
cement plants in DM were a major source of traffic.

I can send a M&StL map off line if you would like or go to to view the map.

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