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PFE heaters were marked with their name on the heater jacket. I have a
buddy who has a PFE heater in his basement and it is clearly marked as
such. The one that he has is about three feet high and about 1.5 feet
in diameter. Not exactly something that would walk off on it's own!

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Tony Thompson wrote:

Larry Jackman wrote:

Do not the heaters belong to the company furnishing the car to the
shipper? PFE would be one. When I was a clerk on the Un Pac at Salina
Ks, when I had to remove one it was turned over to the PFE Rep.

Yep, Larry has it exactly right, for cases where the car
owner had such equipment. How it worked for URTX or GARX or other
straight leasing companies, I don't know.

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