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Roger Hinman <rhinman@...>

The other piece that doesn't jive is per the ORER, any car that had originally been painted
white had been scrapped, renumbered or given a different reporting mark by the early fifties.

The latest dated photo I have seen of a white car is 1942

Roger H.

On Dec 15, 2005, at 12:12 AM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Dec 14, 2005, at 6:53 PM, Roger Hinman wrote:

FYI, see below message relatiing to the white/yellow discussion.

Begin forwarded message:

FYI - During the late 50's, I walked a little over a
mile to high school. My daily walk took me along
Gibson Yard in Hammond to Columbia Ave, which was
located at the west end of Gibson yard. I remember in
the late 50's seeing dirty old white wood MDT reefers,
whole strings of them. Mixed in were orange/yellow
cars. By 1960, never saw a white reefer again.

Dale Florence
Roger, with all due respect to Dale Florence, I don't believe this, in
the absence of other evidence. And AFAIK there is NO other evidence.
If white wood sheathed cars survived into the late 1950s, how come no
one photographed them? We have lots of post-WW-II photos of MDT wood
sheathed reefers, and they're ALL painted orange. How accurate are
your memories of the late 1950s? I sure wouldn't trust mine!

Richard Hendrickson

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