Re: UTLX Decals.

Bill Kelly

Tony Thompson wrote:
Bruce is right to put quotes around "dome" for the jacketed tank
car, as the normally "proper" name is "valve casing." But in some
manufacturer literature and in the AAR tank car committee reports, that
feature is indeed called a "dome," so the industry wasn't entirely
consistent. But one does need to realize that the purpose of the dome
on an unpressurized car was to provide expansion space. Not only is
that not relevant in a pressurized car, there is virtually no interior
volume in a valve casing which could accept expansion.
Ed Hawkins added:
Confirming your statement, the AC&F engineering drawings during the
1920s through 1950s consistently specified "dome housing" or "dome
arrangement" for nomenclature in the title blocks. This was the case
for all ICC classes of tank cars.
Ed Hawkins
AAR Specifications for Tank Cars calls it simply a protective housing
while the Bureau of Explosives of the AAR calls it a dome, I guess they
can't decide. My AC&F information, while 1960s, calls it a protective
housing also. The UTC info, also 1960s, calls it a manway housing. My
favorite and the name I've used for years is from GATC. They call it a
manway bonnet.
Bill Kelly

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