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Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 15, 2005, at 7:32 PM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:

Here is some additional and corrected information.

UTLX 84999 was, indeed, a one of a kind car. It had a welded tank set on the very common standard UTLX X-3 riveted underframe. So, it could, theoretically be modeled by placing the Red Caboose tank on a Sunshine X-3 underframe. It was built in 1948.

UTLX 49000-49499 were 12000 gallon tanks that look similar to the Red Caboose car, but the tanks are 20% larger. I don't have dimensions, but would wager a guess that the increase was more in diameter than in lenght. They were built as ACF lot 3555A in 1951.

UTLX 39000-39499 were the 10000 gallon tanks the most closely match the Red Caboose car. These 500 cars were ACF lot 3555 in 1951. The underframes were NOT standard design UTLX, but rather more stock ACF.
Thanks, Steve. I hadn't realized that the 49000 series cars were 12K gals.; the only photo I have is a 3/4 view in which the larger tank isn't readily apparent.

Richard Hendrickson

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