Re: PFE Reefer running boards (was especially NP)

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony, I have two PFE diagrams for the R-40-23 and although both
mention FIVE different hand brakes, TWO different running boards
and even FIVE different draft gears (for 50 permutations total),
they don't say which cars got which!
Obviously, TIm, you need way more data. <G>

P.S. Gene, the diagrams come from Dick Harley. I think he did make
copies for sale at one time. That's how I got copies.
Dick has occasionally made available partial or complete PFE diagram books, including a number of pages happily supplied by me. I don't think he now contemplates (or ever has contemplated) being the publisher and distributor of such books to a general audience. I will copy him on this e-mail and see what his reply may be. Maybe we can form up someone else to take this on, if Dick isn't going to do so.

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