Re: Best source of lettering for HO B&O M-15 wagon-top rebuild

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

The most recent edition of the B&O modeler has an article on the M-
53, very similar to the M-15 rebuild.
The paint used was Polly Scale 414354 "Special Oxide Red". The color
does not appear to be "brown", but more of an oxide (no surprise).
The article states the two early lettering styles are "Early Kuhler"
(late 1937-early 1940) and "Wartime" (late 1940-mid 1945), but
doesn't specifically state this color is correct for both lettering
schemes. That is implied, however, as the author build one in each
scheme. I seem to remember Special Oxide Red as being the proper
color, but can't find my documentation right now, of course. Look in
the archives, maybe?
Dean Payne

--- In, "jim_mischke" <jmischke@w...> wrote:

Color was "Freight Car Brown" in B&O literature.

It's the color of Kiwi brown shoe polish.

Westerfield sells older decals

--- In, Rob Adams <steamera@n...> wrote:

Can someone recommend an HO scale lettering set for the B&O M-15
steel rebuilds as they would have appeared Circa 1938. Also, an
appropriate paint color (or mix). I prefer Scalecoat I or Floquil.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

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