Re: Reefer running boards, especially NP


Thanks guys -- I've done things on slim evidence before and regretted t
later. In this case, I have already painted the (Plano) Apex running
board, so it's going on the 91250 series car this weekend.

Ron Merrick

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On Dec 15, 2005, at 6:21 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

According to an Feb 2005 email from Richard Hendrickson, 91000-91249
(the PFE R-40-23 copies) had Morton running boards.

The photo you refer to is from series 91250-91499, the R-40-25
So those could have had Apex running boards.
Unfortunately, the NP freight car diagrams for these cars don't call
out the running board manufacturers. However, I have two photos of
91250-91499 series cars in which the running boards are clearly
visible, and in both cases they're the Apex steel grid type.

Richard Hendrickson

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