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Tim Gilbert wrote:
Fortunately certain RTR models for what the manufacturers feel are
"generic" (read "marketable") cars have improved in quality over what
was produced even five years ago. This has left the "rarer" (read "less
marketable") cars to the resin kit or scratch builder. In the middle are
caught the kit bashers.

Given this scenario, what can be done to make models of a wider variety
of freight cars more "marketable?"
One thing that directly addresses this scenario are the series of different replacement ends, roofs, and other bits that Sylvan Scale Models has been producing now for a number of years to model specific series of Canadian 40ft. steel boxcars beginning in 1937 and evolving up through the mid 1950's. The basis for these cars are the IMWX 1937 AAR boxcar kits that I believe are now produced by Red Caboose.

In addition to encourage the faint of heart to try these, Stafford Swain has written in depth articles with listings showing each prototype variant and how to model it. Great material for first timers as well as veterans.

Therefore a quality mass produced styrene injection molded kit with replacement resin roof, ends, board walks, etc. can allow the craftsman prototype modeler to build an accurate model of a specific prototype manufacturing run.

More of this sort of "replacement part" products and Sunshine's "mini kit" concept based on easily purchased mass produced kits to get you to a relatively rare prototype not otherwise available I think is the key to what Tim talks about above.

All that said, I personally prefer building quality resin kits compared to today's quality styrene kits. Quite frankly I usually find the resin kits easier to handle and to build, and much more personal satisfaction in the end result.

Rich Chrysler

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