Ready to ship Media blasters from North Coast

Andy Carlson

I have just talked to John Polyak, owner of North
Coast Hobbies, supplier of media blast & paint spray
booths. He has asked that I give his current email
address to this group.

John has media blasters ready to ship, and has the
hobbiest sized blast tips which allow greater
precision than the larger wands as supplied in store
bought units.

John has also stated that he can ship a new unit to
the purchaser the same day John is contacted, allowing
the purchaser to send a check within a few days. This
will get you the blaster quickly. John is doing this
because he no longer accepts credit cards. He trusts

He also sells Paint Spray booths, which you might want
to discuss with him.

Contact John at :<> He is located in
McKees Rocks, PA., home to the Pressed Steel Car Co.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai Ca

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