Re: PFE Reefer running boards (was especially NP)

Dick Harley <Dick.Harley@...>


Thanks to Tony Thompson, for alerting me to this conversation. As you were
just notified, I have posted a file that I did over a year ago that lists
most of the PFE diagrams I have. I have several diagram collections that
should be published, and that I occasionally make copies of to sell at
historical society conventions or Naperville. I have considered the UPHS,
but need to present them with a finished "package". If the SPH&TS is
interested in doing the PFE stuff, that would be fine too. I have not done
much PFE work in the past year, though a decal project is coming up.

As for Tim O'Connor whimpering about "50 permutations" of R-40-23
specialties, there are definitely a lot more than that, once you consider
all the specialty items. However Tim, if you take a look at your PFE
diagrams, they often list a drawing titled something like "Allocation of
Specialties", and that is the drawing you want. (Please forgive my
generalities here, my library is at home.) That would be drawing 283-C-9862
for the PFE R-40-23 class, and I have that drawing, and thought I had posted
it somewhere before. I could post it again, but that won't happen before
the end of the year, since my time is already overbooked until then. Maybe
someone could remind me later. I don't read many email lists these days,
too much real work to do.

Dick Harley

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