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I went the hobby shop yesterday to order the Intermountain SFRD
reefer trucks for my RPI CGW 90000 series box car kit (notice I didn't
say PS-0). I looked in the Walthers catalog, no IM. I was told they
now are exclusively sold through Horizon. I asked for the Horizon
catalog, there isn't one. How do I buy IM stuff?? I came home, looked
up their web site, very few parts are listed, lots of those tempting
RTR models. So, I emailed them, they responded saying they would be
happy to sell the trucks to me. But, now I've cut out my local dealer
and the discount he gives me. I don't want to make a big deal out of
this, but this is a problem

Maybe your local dealer could contact them about parts and see if they
will sell parts directly to dealers.

Ted Culotta

FWIW, my dealer had no problem ordering trucks for me directly from IM.
Yes, IM has entered into an agreement with Horizon Hobbies to be the sole
distributor of IM products. But those who had direct dealer accounts before the
agreement can still order everything direct from IM. That is part of the
agreement. This was all contained in a newsletter to pre-existing dealers.

Rich Orr

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