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Thomas Baker


If no one else has offered, contact me off list. I clipped the article and could easily photocopy and mail it to you.


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The May 1993 issue of RMC had a Richard Hendrickson article on kitbashing a
Cudahy Meat Reefers from the MDC old time reefer. Ever since I picked up
Gene Green Morning Sun Reefer book I have wanted to model one of these cars.
I have the May issue of RMC, however, I am missing pages 61-72 from the
center of the mag, and I have no idea where they might be. I can read about
the underframe, carbody detailing, and paint and lettering, but am missing
the first three pages of the article. Is anyone willing to either scan the
first three pages and send them tome off list, or make copies and mail them.
I'll repay any mailing costs

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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