Re: Signing posts

Steve Haas


<<But not your Yahoo account. It doesn't even have your last name in
your profile.>>

That's never been held up as a list rule in the past - where'd you come up
with that??

Jim Betz is correct - his first and last name is in his e-mail address. I
use Outlook - his e-mail address is displayed and it includes his first and
last names.

Actually, he is more in compliance with the rules than those who have been
complaining about a perceived lack of identity on Jim's part: You have all
been complaining about this "on-list". The rules according to Brock
specifically state that all complaints are to be handled off list with the
moderator or the list owner.

Leave Jim alone!

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Sammamish, WA

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But not your Yahoo account. It dosen't even have your last name in
your profile.

Jerry Glow

--- In STMFC@..., Jim Betz <jimbetz@j...> wrote:

I don't understand ... my email address -is- my full name. Maybe
if you are using certain email clients do you not see the actual
address? jimbetz@j... is in every version of my posts I can see
(digest and online). Perhaps some (a lot?) of you have your
client set to only show the 'friendly' name and not the entire email

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