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Does anyone know of a source for sheet lead at a reasonable price? The
largest metal scrap dealer in my town won't sell it to me because of
liability issues (we do live in litigous times).

Thanks and
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Len Allman
Hi Len, I went through a similar search recently. It depends upon
what thickness of sheet lead you want. If .062" thick will serve your
requirements check indusrial supply firms in your area's Yellow Pages.
when I did that in the Detroit area I found it but only in large
quantities. I determined that one of the prime users of sheet lead are
firms which make X-ray shielding. Contacted one of them and was able
to get a couple of about 1 ft. sq. sheets for $10. If you need .031"
thick material I think the best source is McMaster-Carr. Online
they're <> When you access them search for sheet
lead. A piece 12" x 12" x .031" was a bit over $12 plus shipping.
Regards, Don Smith

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