Re: Sheet Lead

Tim O'Connor

I ordered the thicker (but not by much) .042 "plain" lead sheet.
I haven't figured out how many cars that will do, nor what that works
out to in $ per car. but I think it's cheap enough.

A 12" x 12" sheet will produce 24 1" x 6" pieces, or 36 1" x 4" pieces.
So your cost works out to around 60 cents or 40 cents per car...

Of course, Andy Miller who only spent $2 for his sheet, will spend only
8 cents or 6 cents per car, which doesn't surprise me, since Andy can
stretch a dollar to sub-nanometer thickness... :-) I think the most costly
thing Andy ever made was his passenger car folding diaphragms, which
were actually made from a U.S. $1 bill !!

Tim O'Connor

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