Georgia RR rebuilt USRA Boxcar

Bruce Smith


I'm in the middle of building the Tichy kit for the Georgia RR rebuilt
USRA boxcar (4032) and I have two questions. The best photo I know of
( doesn't show the
answer to either :^(

First - what style brakes did this car have. The kit supplies an Ajax
power brake housing and wheel, however these cars were rebuilt before
WWII, so I wonder if they were rebuilt with this brake or with the
original vertical staff (horizontal wheel) which was then replaced.

Second, some of these cars received radial roofs while others got a
homebuilt welded roof. I'm tring to model the welded roof, but other than
shooting for a flat surface with perhaps some weld lines, I'm at a loss
for what it should look like. Does anyone have any examples of these


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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