Re: ART reefer question

Ed Hawkins

On Monday, December 19, 2005, at 10:03 AM, Bud Rindfleisch wrote:

    The mention of ART steel reefers has piqued my curiosity. Car
shown in "Wabash In Color" pg 117, does not have the horizontal riveted
seam. My question close is this carbody to the PFE R-23? It
looks very similar. I have an undecorated R-23 from Pacific Rail Shops
in S scale and Clover House dry transfers for the lettering (might have
some data discrepancies, but easy to change/cobble). Would hope to be
able to copy this car with what I have. Thanks for any help.
                                                       Bud Rindfleisch
The car in the photo mentioned actually does have horizontal seams.
It's nearly impossible to see the seams without magnification, but with
the aid of a loupe they can be seen albeit ever so faint. ART
renumbered many of its cars and this is another example (car originally
built in 1947 or 1948).
Ed Hawkins

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