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Charlie Tapper's e-mail reminds me that I have an unusual interest in
reading the publishing stats for magazines.

I was a little surprised to find that both major magazines (MR & RMC)
have very large subscriber bases - I guess a lot of peole think like
me - why visit a hobby shop every month or why pay full price? I pay
less than $2.50 an issue.

My local hobby shop - Trainland in Lynbrook - stocks very few magazines
or tools and no "craft kits". At the next closest shop the guy is
always trying to sell me something I don't want - like Westerfield
kits from 10 years ago - and when he carried a line I wanted -
Branchline - he argued with me - "Branchline never had a 40 ft. box
car kit....". A long time ago I placed a Walthers order with him. I
got most of the order, but never an accounting or refund for
items "out of stock".

Lets face it, no hobby shop can stock everything and one that stocks
what members of this group buy better have a lot of customers or some
mail order customers. The smaller shops used to be able to order ones
and twos from Walthers.

Another interesting fact - "Mainline Modeler" sells less than 10,000
issues a month. From the tone of the editorials I think Bob Hundman is
getting ready to pack it in. The magazine is loosing money and Hundman
wants to retire. I think RMJ is loosing steam too.

Are these small magazines dying?


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