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Schuyler Larrabee

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Lets face it, no hobby shop can stock everything and one that
stocks what members of this group buy better have a lot of
customers or some mail order customers. The smaller shops
used to be able to order ones and twos from Walthers.
I regularly patronize a shop I haven't been to for probably ten years. We correspond by email,
boxes appear in the mail, and checks pay the bills. I just got ONE bottle of MicroMask, and four
packages of NWSL springs, ordered from the big W. "No problem," according to the dealer.

Another interesting fact - "Mainline Modeler" sells less than
10,000 issues a month. From the tone of the editorials I
think Bob Hundman is getting ready to pack it in. The
magazine is losing money and Hundman wants to retire. I
think RMJ is losing steam too.

Are these small magazines dying?
Yeah, I've been wondering too. I know Mr Hundman wants to sell the magazine, but also wants to keep
his hand in. I doubt many people would be interested in that setup, having the founder hanging
around, unless it really got to be an arms-length deal. And the recent wondering about where
people's issues of RMJ make me wonder.

But we're pretty much off topic, Ed.


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