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You're more fortunate than most. I visited several tire stores/auto repair shops seeking lead weights, even if they were in a discard bin. The best I could do was order some lead from their source. I ended up with a 2-3 lb box of 1/2 oz lead weights with gummed backing. That box cost me about $20. I guess if you could get some dealer to save the weights they discard when they re-balance wheels then you'd have all the weights you could ever use. Someone on the list can probably tell us if these discarded weights have to be recycled. I think it's unlikely lead of any kind is wanted in most landfills.

My original comment about thin (.028 in thickness) lead sheet related specifically to hiding the weight in an open-top car, i.e., gons, flats, etc.


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I get lead free from the local tire stores. They use it to balance
wheels. They come in strips that are 1/4 and 1/8 thick. I usually
get about 10 pounds at a time Free.
Fred Swanson

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Does anyone know of a source for sheet lead at a reasonable price?
largest metal scrap dealer in my town won't sell it to me because of
liability issues (we do live in litigous times).

Thanks and
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Len Allman

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