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Over the years Mainline Modeler has provided many freight car articles.
If it goes down the tubes we (steam era freight car modelers) loose a
good source of information. RMJ also had a lot of freight car articles.

Maybe it's wishful thinking but a new publisher might move those
magazines more in the direction of freight car modeling.

I don't know about printing costs, but a novel idea might be to
reprint all the freight car articles from the society magazines and
online magazines. I don't know if there would be an adequate
subscriber base and a few potential subscribers might balk at a
magazine with a lot of repeated material.

There are always new men entering the model railroad business. Here's
an opportunity to buy into the business without learning everything
about publishing.

I can't recall ever seeing a post about the "Narrow Gauge and
Shortline" magazine in this forum. Does it stil lexist? Is there
anything in it relevant to the models we usually discuss in this group?

Another topic Schuyler brought up he has a regular mail order dealer
who specializes in steam era freight cars. I hope that's the wave of
the future. I'd like to buy parts from different manufacturers from
one source.

I've bought car kits from announcements in this forum 4 or 5 times.

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