Re: Sheet Lead

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

George A. Walls wrote:
You can get new stick on Wheel Weights at most NAPA parts stores.
Repeating myself for the benefit of new list members (this seems like an
annual post), it depends on local law as to whether you can or cannot get
lead from retail outlets. In Kalifornia, the state requirements for using
lead are strict enough that it's virtually impossible to find anybody in the
auto/tire business who will provide wheel weights -- new or used. Similar
story in many retail hardware stores for sheet lead. Don't bother asking,
period, end of discussion.

The reference to the eBay seller should be quite useful to anybody who wants
wheel weights and lives in places where such restrictions apply.

For those with a few seconds more time to spare and/or a bit less money,
ordinary pennies weigh about a tenth of an ounce and so with a dab of
adhesive caulk and five minutes time you can make up quite a few piles of 2,
3, and 5 penny stacks as weights for future use in house cars. Besides,
what else are you gonna do with all that copper you got sitting around the
house? 8)

Dave Nelson

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