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At 02:37 PM 12/21/2005, you wrote:
I'd say the Gazette is no more relevant than ever, and perhaps
less; in recent years I haven't seen the pathbreaking techniques that
once peppered its pages. I'd be interested if others on the list have a
different view.
I tend to agree , the Gazette has dropped the ball, and a lot of it seems to me having to do with some of the editorial mores that authors have been subjected to. Nor is Narrow Gauge required to be rundown or failing - yet most seem to think this is the best period of which to model. The traffic volume and the 1st class looks of both NG and SG in the hey day were not that much different. It's like the only C&S you see is old, weary and run down. Not when it was in its prime.

It used to be that the Gaz had the best techniques - but, like other gauges/scales, NG has succumbed to the RTR fever - no little thanks to Bachmann and On30.

My own interest in quaint, rundown and failing
railroads of any gauge is minimal, so I rarely buy a Gazette issue at a
hobby shop--though I often look through the current one to see what's
And yet you model the SP? I can now understand the desire to stay within the years bounded by this list.

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