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Let's not forget the specialized publications like Hawkins' and Wider's
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia and Ted's new Prototype Railroad Modeling.
Though their circulation may be small, they are of great value to
serious scale modelers and have an influence with model RR
manufacturers out of all proportion to their circulation.
I've been following this discussion with much interest. Based upon the circulation of RP
CYC, Ted's PRM, the number of attendees at Martin's meet, and the number of subscibers
to this list, the market for detailed information on prototype freight cars, much less for
highly detailed kits that require assemby, is very, very limited. And based upon my own
numbers, it ain't growing. It's going the other way. That's why the various manufacturers
are concentrating on selling detailed RTR freight car models assembled in China. There's
no need to build anything nor research anything other than, "hey guys, is so and so model
correct"? You've all seen the messages. Also, I would bet most subscribers to this list or
who buy RP CYC don't have large, highly detailed operating layouts with signal systems,
sound, and scenery. I don't but I hope to change that situation now that I'm finally retired.
MR is the way it is because that's where the money's at. Your thoughts??

Pat Wider

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