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Yes, I do remember well the "Up Clear Creek without a Paddle"
series -- I believe Harry Brunk called it quites after more than 100
installments -- if I'm not mistaken he went up -- and down-- the
line, and covered all the C&S;s freight cars -- more than once.

Marty McGuirk

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Marty McGuirk wrote:
One of the only negative comments I've ever heard about the
Gazette (and I admire Bob as a friend and modeler) is the
the magazine ignores, or seems to ignore, even to the point
denying it existed, Colorado narrow gauge. Maybe Bob
he covered a lot of Rio Grande in the early days of the
and doesn't have to now. Personally I'd rather see a detailed
at Rio Grande rolling stock, or operations on Marshall Pass,
another funky little 22" line that was used to deliver mud to a
Ah, Marty, how soon they forget. The 30-part (or more) series
Clear Creek has escaped you entirely, and that was not exactly
in the
early years of NG&SLG. When has Hundman or anyone done
comparable? Actually, of course, Ted will get there eventually . .

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