Re: model magazines and freight cars

Tim O'Connor

Mike Brock wrote

I think Tim is overlooking the fact that buiding models of real
railroads is as difficult as building models of parts of them..
..frt cars.

Not at all Mike. I'm not against layouts... I just think elaborate
HOME layouts are ultimately a waste of time better spent working on
models or on a good club layout. You see, it's the temporariness of
the thing that bothers me. Now, my little shelf layout will be just
a bit smaller than yours, so I do expect to spend (waste?) not a few
hundred hours on it. It's precisely because great layouts are so hard
to build that I think it's a shame to lose that work... It's almost
the hobbyist equivalent of Navajo sand paintings!

Of course some modelers are well off enough and/or have enough friends
to help, so their home layouts are effectively privately funded clubs.
But most of us can't do it.

I hope Jack Burgess has plans to leave his home as a museum so that
his magnificent work isn't simply ripped up with sawz-all and crowbar.

Tim O'Connor

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