Re: Sheet Lead

Andy Harman <andy10@...>

At 10:58 AM 12/19/2005 -0500, you wrote:
After the big scare this thread put in me, I raced down to my local
Home Depot and bought a "lead foot", i.e. one foot of sheet lead off a
12" wide roll of .040 (+/-) roof flashing. It cost me about $2.00.
Apparently the disappearance of sheet lead is a local issue.
Home Depot here had nothing but vinyl flashing. Said to try Bass Pro. Sigh.

I ordered my lead from McMaster-Carr. 25 lb, 10 square feet for about $69
including shipping.

Amazing you can get sheet lead in California (where you just about can't
smoke in your own house) but not in Ohio or Indiana.


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