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The lifeless engine might grant one the means to study and analyze but the
one rolling gives one the reason to be interested at least to me.

----> This is how I see it. Personally I'd prefer to have all 95-100 percent
accurate freight (and passenger) cars and locomotives, but I also realize at
this stage (especially in N Scale), it isn't going to happen, at least not
yet. As long as I can obtain decent running, somewhat accurate cars, I'm
happy. I figure that I can always replace my older stock as newer and better
equipment as it comes along, but my immediate priority right now is to get the
Grand Canyon District up and running. If I need to make compromises now, so be
it. However I do want to make conscience compromises, IOW, yeah, I know that
this IM box doesn't accurately represent this particular prototype, but the
P/L is accurate for 1952, so it will work ok until I can get a better model. I
know, thanks to this group, that the CB&Q didn't use Chinese red until 1958,
so if I do decide to use the Q Red cars that I have, at least I'll know to
hide them when (and if) the Prototype Police come a knocking! <G>

---> One more observation, then I'm going to's been a long day...
***************I know that Model Railroader Bashing is practically the
national sport here, but has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the reason it is
so "bad" is simply the fact that you have advanced to the point where your
paths are no longer the same?

---> I don't enjoy MR as much as I did when I was younger, but back then I
was interested in railroads. It didn't matter if it was a freelance railroad,
or if it was an accurate representation of a real railroad. Now, years later,
my tastes have become more defined. And while I can enjoy an article on a
freelance MRR, I do prefer ones on accurately detailed prototype based MRR's.
And where I was once happy to run steam powered freights past Amtrak
Passengers, I cannot enjoy this as I once did. Is there something wrong with this? No,
I don't think so. It depends on what you're interested in. I have a friend
who could care less about prototype accuracy. He's happy with IHC passenger
cars and freight cars (with their little tabs to hold the body on!). But he is
having a great time! Personally, I am more demanding of my hobby. Again, I
don't mind making compromises, but I want those to be informed decisions, not
accidents. So while MR is not as enjoyable to me now as it once was, I feel
it is because I've changed, and (hopefully) matured.

---> The hobby continues to change and develop, and while it seems to take
an occasional detour, in the long run, things seem to balance out. We do have
a great variety of cars (both freight and Passenger), as well as locomotives
to pull them with. We have structure kits (or RTR buildings --- how can a
building...which by definition, is stationary [except in California, with its
earthquakes] be RTR anyhow!?) to populate our MRR's and the internet to
research a structure that isn't available. If I was going to complain about
anything, it would be the limited run mentality that seems to be the rule nowadays.
Frankly, I do also resent the RTR mentality that seems to dominate the hobby
at the moment. I do enjoy a kit, and resent not being able to buy them as
easily as I once could. I feel that both options should be available, again, to
each their own.

----> Well, this went on longer then I intended. So I'll stop now...I'm sure
that I heard a sigh of relief and a "About time" out there...<G>

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, Utah

"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!"
Grand Canyon Railway
Utah District

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