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James Eckman

From: "Mike Brock" <brockm@...>
Tim O'Connor writes:

I would make the argument that home layouts are mostly a diversion from the serious business of research and modeling!
I guess that's true if you have access to a nice club layout...

I think Tim is overlooking the fact that buiding models of real railroads is as difficult as building models of parts of them....frt cars. In fact, building models of scenery and structures is also as difficult and skills as a carpenter won't help much...except to get one started.
That's why it's a great hobby, even though I admit to spending much more time on freight cars than any other hobby aspects lately. But then I like freight cars!

From: Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...>

Not at all Mike. I'm not against layouts... I just think elaborate
HOME layouts are ultimately a waste of time better spent working on
models or on a good club layout. You see, it's the temporariness of
the thing that bothers me.
I wasn't planning on taking it with me so everything is temporary, including most club layouts! I can't imagine my stuff being around 50 years from now, so I'm not worried about it.

From: Bob Webber <no17@...>
Subject: model magazines and freight cars

Then again... the 2004 NG convention outdrew the NMRA convention. One was a professional show put on by professionals, the other.. wasn't.
??? Same people put on the NG convention here that normally put on NMRA conventions. We also have locally the cool little meets that showcase prototype work, especially freight cars which is something I don't normally see at the general NMRA meetings. STFMC is a niche all by itself. And most of us are probably in even a smaller niche! Some of us sick types even like TOC and earlier freight cars to the exclusion of all the modern stuff discussed here. STMFCers could certainly organize some more mini-meets, the On30 types do that locally and its fun. Bigger ain't better, a hour or two looking at a handful of good kit or scratch freight models with friends could certainly be productive and enjoyable.

Jim Eckman

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