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But, TKM only covers the PRR. One road of many.

---> If I were to make any complaint about TKM, the fact that it only covers
the Pennsy would be it! <G> That is, BTW, intended to be a complement.

---> While not a PRR modeler per se, I, of course, do have, and need some
more PRR equipment, and TKM helps in this regard. But I enjoy it for many
reasons, not the least of which is the extremely professional manner in which it
is crafted. I'm a great admirer of the Headlight (WP), Prospector (D&RGW), the
Streamliner and the Warbonnet (the four that I'm primarily interested in),
and appreciate the info that has been shared in these magazines. But feel TKM
is an excellent example of what can be done. While I'm pleased with the price,
it is the one 'off line' magazine that I would probably purchase if it came
in print.

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