Re: model magazines and freight cars

Tim O'Connor


This probably is an appropriate idea for a publication like Ted's which
is aimed at modelers. I once wrote up a 1953 PFE roster with notes
indicating which cars could readily be modeled in HO scale -- it was a
very high percentage as I recall, and even more so today. I have thought
about doing it for SP/T&NO freight cars, but like everything it would take
a lot of time to do. Plus I think the best way to present such data is on
a web site, with hyperlinks to model & prototype photos...

Tim O.

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From: "Gatwood, Elden" <Elden.Gatwood@...>

A niche largely unfilled to-date is a good discussion of the most common
cars each RR owned, by class, by era, so that one might model those

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