Prototype Freight Cars in General

Charles Etheredge

I have enjoyed the discussions the last few days
concerning "magazines, books, and what-not".
I have gotten (back) into model railroading just within the last 5
years or so, having started my first layout. Due to groups like
this one plus Tony's freight car books, RPC, etc, I have acquired an
appreciation of this part of the hobby that I wouldn't have thought
I would ever care that much about. I have always wanted to be as
prototypical as possible but not to the degree I now have. Yes, I
still have several Ulrich GS gons, an Ambroid Stock car and a few
other kits from the 50's that I still run but I also have a stack of
Westerfield (too many) and F&C kits yet to be built. However, I
also build a lot of stand-in cars just to have operations with the
intention of replacing them as time and availabilty of specific kits
One thing I wish the manufacturers would do is to indicate on their
boxes the time period that particular car existed...time built until
approximate disappearance. ( 1919-1955 or whatever). Branchline is
the only one I know of that does this to any degree. It would sure
help those of us who aren't as up on specifics as others. It would
make my time looking and wondering about a specific new kit at the
hobby shop a lot shorter. :>)
Keep the info coming....I'm trying to catch up as quick as possible.

Charles Etheredge
Modeling the T&NO in the 40's

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