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Given today's environment...for whatever reasons...I would not have expected
to see Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Cars appear in MR.

---> Very true I think. RMC seems to always be thought of as Number Two, but
frankly I have always preferred RMC. They've always seemed to be more
approachable the MR. When I first 'discovered' that there were magazines about
model railroading in the early 1970's, I (or more accurately, my Dad) bought both
RMC and MR. One of the first things that I noticed was that RMC would
respond to readers who wrote in, and seemed to have no problems about being
criticized. Whereas MR seemed to never respond to their readers comments. RMC seemed
to be more friendly, and approachable. I once sent in some very poor photos
of something I thought would be interesting to Railfan magazine. Being
totally ignorant of how this sort of thing work, I was disappointed when they
weren't in the next months issue. I called to ask, and spoke with Jim Boyd. He
took the time to locate the photos and explained why they were not in the issue
and why they were not usable. I appreciated his candor, as well as his
kindness. He was very polite and while being disappointed, understood completely why
they were being returned. Another time I had a problem with my subscription,
and when I wrote to them about it, I received a wonder written apology and
it was fixed right away. That is not to say that there isn't at least some
folks like that at MR. Andy Sperandeo is great about answering questions on the
Cajon and Santa Fe lists. He once took the time to track down a particular
Model of the Month for me, which was, and is, much appreciated.

---> More to the point of this list, RMC has long been on the forefront of
accurate prototype modeling, running articles on specific industries and
freight cars. Ted's great series is a natural fit in RMC, as is Bob Walkers series
on scratchbuilding. And I did contact RMC to thank them for running both of
these series.

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