Paper freight car sides was Re: model magazines and freight cars

James Eckman

From: "Schuyler Larrabee" <schuyler.larrabee@...>

Except for maybe printing your own car sides...

Jim Eckman
Hey, now there's an idea. With these new color printers, just take a photo of the car in question,
photoshop it into orthogonal shape, print it out on card stock at the right size, and glue it onto a
block of wood! Glue on some ends from one of the detail manufacturers, screw on a coupla trucks,
and you're ready to go! Keep the lights in the right place, and the shadows of the grabs and
ladders will look JUST right!
That is a great idea, especially if you actually put the grabs on and leave the shadows. That could be pretty awesome, just don't turn the cars! I'm already messing around with paper sides, just someting else to try.

From: "ed_mines" <ed_mines@...>
Subject: printed sides

In the far distant past (1950s) MR used to give printed cars sides similar to Champ and Red Ball slides.

I don't think this would be such a bad idea for N scale.
Take a look and decide for yourself, jpg is designed to print out to scale at 300 DPI.


Jim Eckman

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