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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

This thread has been both interesting and very instructive.

Although I too am very unhappy with the current direction of MR, I am also able to force myself to admit that the hobby needs to have some wider circulation publication promoting or championing those newly-arrived, or those for whom the model railroading hobby means something different than it might now mean to me. Their success will eventually translate into my success.

Even so, I still pay close attention to those MR staff writings from the several clear minded "old head" fine modeler/editors who I have respected in the past, and I continue to do so now.
The healthy plethora of ads are great plus, inasmuch as if the manufacturers in this relatively small hobby cannot get the word out, they fail; and close after, so do we.

For a number of recurring research projects, I regularly refer to my volumes of all previous MR years. In retrospect, every time, I am again quietly reminded how the contents of this magazine, and the skillful editors that it has had over the years, have been critically influential in the hobby's progress to where we are at the moment (although perhaps waning over the past several years). This reservoir of engendered respect can carry me forward for quite a ways, however.

In my professional life, I have been a one-time advocate of simply tearing out articles of interest and round filing the rest. Wrong. Too often, I found that subjects that were of no interest to me now turn out to be of the highest interest in the future, and vice versa. Ditto (in spades) with my modeling magazines. I now keep everything, and I am each day happier for it.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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