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As I am at present working on a HW Pullman and also have been referencing your RPC article, the answer to your question must be YES. So, thank you very much for your work and please keep it up.

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I am still trying to figure out what
possessed me to buy #12 with the lightweight passenger cars (completeness, I
suppose); I have to blame myself for that, as you played fair by not mixing
other topics of more interest with them.
I'm just curious, do any of you guys model passenger trains during the period of interest
(God, I'm off subject, Mike - please forgive me for a second), especially since Branchline
came out with some really nice Pullman heavyweights (thank you Tom Madden) and
Walthers came out with some respectable (and at last useful) lightweights???

Please respond off list to avoid contaminating this fine group with radioactive passenger-
car pollution. Thanks!!!!!

Someone out there MUST have been interested in Budd's shot welding process or how you
can actually cool a car with steam. That took a bunch of research on my part!!!!!! (-:

Pat Wider

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