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I think that the key to the success was:
1. The owner is the only person handling his equipment unless express
permission was granted
2. The ease of quick selection and access to equipment safely secured in a
packing method that ensures delecate things aren't hurt.

This approach could certainly be applied in any club situation.

Not at ours. Even seen one of those can pickers -- the things they use in
grocery stores to reach cans on the top shelf -- designed to hold a 3 lb can
of whatever. Well it is standard fare for retrieving derailed cars. Several
of us tried to hide it. Guess we didn't do a very good job. Someone managed
to find it. These things even mangle Athearn blue box and Accurail molded
in details. The attitude of those who think they know everything about model
railroading is "oh well it isn't mine." A attitude that is fostered by the
fact that 95% the rolling stock is owned by the museum. And then they want
to know why those of us who are on the Rolling Stock Committee don't build
all the Red Caboose, F&C, Sunshine, IM etc. kits that are on the shelf.

The layout is set in 1953 so all those bashed not kit cars are appropriate
for the era of this list.

Rich Orr

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