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I was going to reply to this idea of magazines only publishing
what they get -- but couldn't come up with the right words.

Tony said it far better than I could.

Don't think for a minute that it's an accident that work from
several authors regularly appear in magazines like MR -- the
editor is comfortable with their work (read: "I know what I'm
getting") and they deliver projects that the editor feels is needed
to achieve "balance."

The issue, is of course, what "balance" really means.

I know one magazine editor -- just one -- in the model railroad
magazine field who actively seeks to achieve balance and looks
for "cutting edge" ideas . . .

A second one, somewhat who, somewhat ironically used to work
for the one described above, has a knack for locking onto the
"cool" or "let's try it and see how it works" factor -- that attitude
gave us Ted C's series . . . which was, in retrospect a great
decision but must have been made with some trepidation.

Of course, the other mark of a good editor is to be able to
package the information in such a way that it appeals to, and is
of use to, the reader. Frankly, I don't know of anyone's writing
that wouldn't benefit from the work of a good editor -- the key is to
make it a team effort.

Marty McGuirk

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