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I am one who enjoys passenger train modeling AND operating. I believe
passenger train operation is a neglected area of the operations
scene. So... leave in the passenger train stuff!
Just to head Mike off at the pass and to refocus the discussion back onto freight cars only,
RP CYC will include articles on passenger cars or other items of interest whenever suitable
material becomes available and the bug bites Ed or myself. Having said that, it just seems
that articles on freight cars are much easier for us to do. I have literally tens of thousands
of excellent freight car photographs in my collection. I just finished scanning nearly 850
original pristine 8x10" builder's photographs, most of which have not seen the light of day
for 50 years or more. These babies show the cars spotted brand new in excellent light
from three or more directions. Just more grist for the freight car mill. Really good
photographs of passenger cars are much rarer and harder to come by it seems. Old
copies of trade publications such as Railway Age (we have a near complete bound set for
the '40s and '50s) also provide invaluable information to us regarding many of these
freight cars. Then there are the ORER's. Priceless!!!!!!!

I believe we can relatively quickly repackage this information and combine it with the
freight car photographs already on hand or yet to be acquired. I'm currently pondering
some rather expensive purchases from the Hagley Museum (PRR freight cars for you non-
PRR modelers. Ooooops, everyone models the PRR from what I've been told). (-: We've
already drained the Smithsonian, Bethlehem, Greenville, and AC&F pools. The Smithsonian
would be impossible today since their prices have gone through the roof and their original
negatives are falling apart as I write this.

My intention was to learn what most of you wanted or liked. I think publishing the best
photographs that one can of a given freight car subject goes a long ways towards making
someone feel that their $25 twice a year was well spent. Our captions are not literary
masterpieces, but they try to tell you everything we know about the car at the time we
wrote the article. One thing we may do is cut back on the number of copies printed of
each volume. If we don't, Ed will soon run out of room in his three-car garage!!!!!

Enjoy and thanks to everyone who responded!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Wider

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