Kits vs. RTR

Miller, Andrew S. <asmiller@...>

My only objection to RTR cars is that they are driving kits off the
market. I own several RTR cars. The last RTR freight cars I can recall
buying were the Ertyl cars, when they appeared at various dealers' fire
sales. But my dealer, along with many other will no longer stock kits.
The volume of their sales is far lower than that of the RTR. Perhaps
this is a good sign. Most Newbies, overwhelmed with all that they need
to learn to become competent at the hobby, are probably quick to seize
the opportunity to postpone the skills of kit building and concentrate
on layout building. Eventually they may grow into this fascinating
part of the hobby. So the dominance of RTR may be a sign of new blood
in the hobby. I only hope that kits are still around when these people
mature into that phase of the hobby.


Andy Miller

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