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Mike and others,

My read on the alteration of articles is much the same as Mike's:

MR usually edits to fit the theme they are sending to their readership
and often times in doing so make my work look better than the original

MM edits very little, but cleans up a little grammar here and there
sometime at the expense of some technical terms that don't fit the spell

RMJ uses them as submitted.

RMC, it has been a while, but they seem to edit usually finding a way to
say something more efficiently.

To the best of my recollection any changes are submitted to the author
for final approval prior to publication. This works well for all
concerned and eliminates many (but not all) embarrassing errors.

Mont Switzer

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Before the thread on magazines is terminated...which will occur soon...I

think I'll apply the model evaluation concept to magazine evaluation. As
of you know...because I KNOW you read and memorize the is a
character of the STMFC to be able to complement or criticize the quality
a model free from criticism.

So...speaking only of myself, I can say that the article I wrote on my
efforts to model parts of Sherman Hill and which was published fairly
shortly later in March 2002, was not altered at all except that one
paragraph was not included. This paragraph contained a thank you to
people who helped me and to the many photographers who spent money and
effort to record the period we all seem to love. The point
was not altered at all [ wonder what that means?<G> ]. Only the lead
paragraph in my article in MR Planning was altered in MR Planning 2002
and I
have to say that, in both cases, the final work was sent to me for
This was prior to the current editorial makeup of MR...although I think
MR Planning article was just after.

Regarding the magazine Trains, I have to say that I was startled about 2
ago to see an article on N&W steam on the Blue Ridge grade. The
aspect was that the magazine freely admitted that the article was
20 yrs prior and the author had long since passed on...if I recall
correctly. I have to be fair and further note that a rebutal that I
researched and wrote to Trains [ as a letter ] regarding several
[ I'm trying to be nice ] assertions by King in Trains Classics Steam
was not printed. In fairness, it was too long...but, took
long to straighten the poor guy out. I finally sent it to the Steam Loco


Articles I've written for RMJ and MM were not altered at all.

Mike Brock

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