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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Gregg Mahlkov writes:

If you reread my statement, it reads "...commodity, CONSIGNEE, DESTINATION,
and offgoing junction and road". So, I never said consists did not include
You're right. I think your:

only enough information for the yard or
connecting carrier to properly handle the car at the destination of the
particular train.
confused me...which doesn't take much these days...although your sentence is perfectly OK. [ I think I inserted "final destination" instead of destination in your sentence ]. Obviously, a UP frt train arriving in North Platte with a consist showing a car's destination to be Kansas City would have this car removed and placed on one going to KC. The original train might continue to its final destination...Council Bluffs...while certain cars would no longer be in the consist but would now be in other trains...or even be on an idustrial siding somewhere. One of the more interesting destinations in my frt car book is with regard to a long string of MT PFE reefers. The destination is simply..."West". If interpreted literally, one can imagine the cars eventually sitting on a spur overlooking the Pacific somewhere on the Monterey Peninsula.<G>.

Mike Brock

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